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Smart Band

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most prevalent health conditions in  Africa and the world at large.
Studies have shown that 1 in every 3 adults – have high blood pressure, and nearly 39 percent do not know they have it. Sadly, this health challenge can lead to other health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. 
According to  the world health organization (WHO), High Blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths globally. 
Platinum Strings in Partnership with one of the World’s leading technology company with 30years in existence and several awards and accolades to their belt offers a Smart Band with 95% accuracy in reading.

Features of Smart Band

Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring
Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring 
Multisport Mode
Shake smart band to snap picture
Step Counter/Pedometer
Calories Burned Counter
Distance Travelled
Sleep Monitor
Sedentary Alert
SMS/Call Alert
Social Media Notifications
Water reminder
Time Clock
Water reminder
Weekly graphs & charts to track progress
Charging Time ~ 30 mins
Working Time before next charge ~ 7 Days
the platinum string


What Is Your Company’s Health and Productivity Management Strategy (HPM)? 
Platinum Strings knows that a healthy workforce is crucial for business to thrive. An increasing number of successful and forward-thinking companies have adopted a Health and Productivity Management Strategy to improve profitability, increase stakeholder returns, increase workforce productivity, increase market value, lower rates of work loss, lower employee turnover, lower absenteeism due to health related issues, lower healthcare costs and increase profitability through better information and service to employees. 
Global standardized and customized services designed to solve the challenges in occupational health and compliance for all organization scales (small, medium and large) in all types of industries.

This quality and comprehensive occupational health service is available 24 hours a day to employers in Nigeria and the surrounding area through a Fitness Smart band. This is a way of challenging individuals to be responsible for the state of their health. 
Key Benefits to: 

The fitness smart band makes it easier and more convenient for employees to improve their health. Personalized attention and fewer unnecessary or duplicate interactions with care managers remove barriers to participation. Not only does this increase the possibilities for earlier medical intervention (when meaningful change is possible), it also reduces out-of-pocket expenses and offers peace of mind when the unexpected happens. 

The platinum Strings

HR Executives 
It provides HR executives with effective, measurable strategies to enhance employee retention and improve productivity while controlling health care costs. 
For CEOs who view their employees as more than just a cost of doing business, the fitness smart band creates a means of care and corporate responsibility rooted in a culture of health, garnering respect from employees and improving shareholder value. 
Direct Costs 
Medical/Health Care Costs 
Pharmaceutical Costs 


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